Crêpes Choupette to return

Crêpes Choupette — the creperie that has won the hearts of Yale students — will soon return to campus, this time as a kiosk on the Broadway Triangle.

The Crêpes Choupette food cart closed in June after the city began enforcing new zoning regulations governing food vendors in the city. But now, owner Adil Chokairy plans to open a crepe stand by Dec. 1 on the parcel of land enclosed by Elm Street, Park Street and Broadway. The kiosk will function as a to-go eatery with longer hours and more dining options than the crepe cart was able to provide.

Chokairy, who currently only sells crepes out of his brick-and-mortar location on Whitney Avenue, said the stand allows Crêpes Choupette to return to serving crepes to its original customers: Yalies.

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