2nd STREET offer unique items that can’t be found just anywhere. To keep you on-trend and always in something new, new items are regularly added to 2nd STREET’s inventory from both US and Japan. 2nd STREET offers one-of-a-kind pieces in premium, second-hand condition.


Wide Variety of Items

2nd STREET offers a huge selection of styles from street wear to vintage to Japanese designer and luxury accessories. You’ll be sure to find the style to suit your needs. Explore through a variety of clothing and accessories.


Sustainable Shopping

In the U.S. alone, over 15 million tons of clothing end up in landfills annually. 2nd STREET continuously drives the sale of gently-used clothing, reducing waste around the world.


As part of 2nd STREET’s Hand2Hand project, they make sure to reuse all the clothing that arrives in their stores. Any items that they cannot sell are donated to a partner company that will recycle the clothing to clean up oil spills in factories, while other items are resold to create job opportunities and provide clothing to those in need.


Bring in your clothes and accessories to one of our stores, and our buyers will check out your items to ensure the best pricing.